How Fortnite Creative mode is being used in schools

As well as fulfilling our Box Fighting and Zone Wars needs, Creative mode is also being used to educate young people in a range of subjects.

First introduced in December 2018, Fortnite’s innovative Creative mode has come a long way since then. From deathruns and mazes to all out quests with complex storylines, almost anything is possible once you master the ever-expanding toolkit.

An article recently published to the Unreal Engine blog discussed how this unique mode is helping schools to teach game development.

The case study looks at William Annin Middle School in New Jersey where a class of eighth-grade students won approval to use Fortnite Creative for their final project.

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Guided by their teacher Steve Isaacs, the students used the wide range of devices, traps and settings to build out a full game. This experience will be used as a stepping-stone before they move onto trying out Unreal Engine itself.

It’s not only game development classes that can benefit though. Isaacs helped fellow educators to implement Fortnite Creative into their history courses, telling Unreal Engine “I expect to see it used in all content areas, as the sandbox environment lends itself well to creating content for any subject area”.

This isn’t just good news for students who get to play Fortnite at school but also for the game as a whole. If Epic continue to expand and improve the capabilities of Creative mode as they have previously pledged that they would, its use in education will only grow.

With this comes more eyes on the game, more players and greater longevity. Creative could help to keep Fortnite thriving for years to come and this will always brings people back to Battle Royale mode.

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