iPhone 12 Could Face Potential Delays As Major Supplier Fails OLED Quality Tests

For the most part, Samsung supplies quite a lot of OLED panels to Apple for use in their iPhones. However, to reduce their reliance on Samsung, Apple is said to be working with other suppliers, such as BOE who has in the past delivered LCDs to the Cupertino company for a variety of Apple-related products.

However, BOE is said to also be looking to transition to supplying OLED, but it seems that they aren’t off to a good start. According to a report from Korean publication DDaily, they claim that BOE had “failed” their first shipment of OLED panels to Apple as they have reportedly failed its quality control tests.

At this point in time, it is unclear when this might have taken place and how it could potentially affect the iPhone 12’s launch time. We have heard that the iPhone 12 could be delayed this year to either October or November, but we’re not sure if this could have been the reason why or if it could be related to something else.

There have been reports that Apple has been working with BOE and testing the company’s OLED panels since at least August last year, so it is possible that these issues might have occurred earlier on and might impact the iPhone 12’s launch, but either way since there is no confirmation from either BOE or Apple, take it with a grain of salt.

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