No More Storm Fights, Fortnite’s New “Tsunami” Denies That

The Device event in Fortnite has just put the whole Fortnite island underwater. Basically, after a tiring fight against the storm, The Device has managed to beat the storm, eventually transforming it into what seems to be a massive Tsunami.

The Tsunami engulfed the whole island and now casts its shadow and sparks. It reminds me of Nazjatar in World of Warcraft BFA, a sincerely beautiful creation. Except that they’re completely different genres. Now back to Fortnite.

Naturally, this changes the game’s competitive route. Players won’t be able to engage in the storm given its nature. Not even consumables can be used, while the health tick remains the same (which someone would praise, and someone would defy). Not to mention, once you decide to get out of it, you get launched like a rocket, but a rocket about to impact the ground. So how is this going to be better for entertainment purposes, or the people watching on the small screens?

The new Tsunami Storm just darkens and develops sunrays over the Fortnite island. Nothing else worthy of mention has been offered, except for the event itself that transformed the ordinary Fortnite storm into water.

But that’s not it. The season hasn’t started yet, which means the water may be a part of the next two days. Once the new Season 3 starts, it may collapse onto the island, bringing the long-rumored underwater Season.

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