Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How To Unlock The Secret Teddy Bear Bunker Easter Egg On Trench

There’s a very cute war raging in Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Hidden in the Trench map, there are five numbers you can find — these numbers are random every time, making the Easter egg even trickier to pull off in a real match. You’ll need to rush to five spots on the map, make note of the numbers, then shoot the keypad to discover the location. It’s adorable, hilarious, and cruel all at the same time.

And who doesn’t love experiencing all new Easter eggs? This isn’t the only Easter egg in Modern Warfare either — while this Easter egg doesn’t give you any rewards, there’s one complex Easter egg that does unlock a new weapon blueprint. Learn how to unlock Bunker 11 in Warzone with our full guide and map! Or save that stuff for later, and learn how to enter a much easier bunker below.

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To enter a very special bunker Easter egg, load up the new Trench map in Modern Warfare multiplayer. Go to the big bunker door marked by three yellow bars.

There’s a keypad at the bunker door — the goal of this Easter egg is to find five hidden (random!) numbers around the map. Locate the numbers in the order listed below, then shoot the keypad numbers to input the code.

  • First Number: From the bunker doors, turn and face the stairs. To the right, hop over the trench barricade and look on the wall near the ground.
  • Second Number: Return to the stairs opposite the bunker doors. Look behind the barrel to the left.
  • Third Number: On the opposite side of the (small) map, cross to the far end of the trench and look for a small open darkly colored crate. The number is right at the bottom — turn up the brightness to see it!
  • Fourth Number: On the side of a concrete block, near the previous number. On the edge of a trench ledge.
  • Fifthth Number: The last number is on the underside of a bridge near the center of the map. Near the previous number, pass the center-most bridge and find the second bridge — look up to spot it.

Collect all five numbers, then shoot the keypad to input. If you input the right code, you’ll be able to go down into the bunker and witness something very cute — a full-scale teddy bear war! The teddy generals are planning their attacks on the map, complete with little toy figurines in place of soldiers.

Beware using the phone inside. If you get too close to the back doors, they’ll open and reveal a killer plush doll with a pair of huge machineguns! The entire room gets flooded with an endless stream of bullets. It’s completely riciculous, hilarious, and it’s possible to unlock in a real online multiplayer match. Delight and / or confuse your friends!

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